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5 designer tips for the perfect wardrobe

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Cabinetmakers Choice has churned out a few wardrobes over the time, so much so, we’re now known as Geelong’s “ Wardrobe Blokes”.

Experience has shown us that ladies love a luxurious wardrobe with all the bells and whistles.

The glamorous wardrobes and revolving shoe rack we did in the 2016 series of The Block are still talked about.

Our brief from contestants, Kim & Chris, was think “Sex in the City”. The judges admitted it was the ‘most glamorous bedroom they have ever seen in the history of The Block. ‘

Although your shoe collection may not demand a Carrie Bradshaw style bedroom, or a space that warrants a 10/10 from Shaynna Blaze, but you can have a wardrobe that is perfectly designed just for you.

A custom made wardrobe requires planning and luckily for you, we have Ross, our wardrobe designer extraordinaire as part of the Cabinetmakers Choice team. Ross can help you design a wardrobe that does not only look good but is practical and meets your budget.


5 designer tips for perfect wardrobe: 


Tip 1.  Have I got enough hanging space? 

Having enough hanging space in your wardrobe applies not only to the length of the rod and the amount of space you have to hang garments but to the vertical space you will need.

You will need a mix of long and short hanging options.

To ensure your clothing stays crease free, the minimum recommended height of rods is 160cm (63 inches) for everyday dresses.

For hanging shirts, pants and jackets we like to allow 114 cm (45 inches).

And remember, we hear it all the time so it must be true; women need more hanging space than men.

the perfect wardrobe hanging space


Tip 2.  Do I have enough drawers?

Drawers are important for smaller items such as underwear, socks and scarves.

Drawer dividers are a great way to keep these smaller items tidy and organised.

Glass topped divided drawers are very popular for storing belts, ties and jewellery.

The clear glass top makes these items easy to see and you’ll be more inclined to wear your jewellery on a daily basis.


Tip 3.  Do I have ample light?

Natural light is best. However, if you have no natural light, use cooler light bulbs – they’ll allow you to see clothing colours better than warmer globes.

Often people will have lighting installed under the wardrobe cabinetry, creating an ambient feel to the bedroom.

the block wardrobes kim and chris master bedroom


Tip 4.  How should I store my shoes?

Shelving can be specifically made for shoe storage.

However, the shoe pantry and revolving shoe rack is becoming a very popular addition to the wardrobe area.

Holding up to 40 pairs of shoes, the Cabinetmakers Choice revolving shoe rack is the most opulent way to store your shoe collection.



Tip 5. Consider the ‘wish list’

Make sure you have a mirror. A full length mirror is handy asset to any wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a feature and can hang behind a door.

Why not add a bench seat for comfort? Somewhere to sit when putting on your socks and it can double as added under seat storage.

Any if you are really going for glam, why not consider a make-up vanity with lighting or a dressing table?

Your wardrobe area is your space so add your own touches. A chic glass pendant or a floor runner can make all the difference.



We had Geelong Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Editor, Kimba JB visit our showroom.

One of Kimba’s tips; you can never have too many power points!



Keep these tips in mind when you are designing your wardrobe and you’ll end up with the perfect wardrobe.

Oh, and we invite you to come and play in our showroom, you’ll love all the fab wardrobe ideas we’ve come up with.

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