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The Block. Bathroom Madness.

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The Block ūüė̬†Within the mayhem, we’ve found some handy hints for your Bathroom Reno.

Stunning mosaic tiles, double basins, contemporary architectural sky lights, a $1,500 Blue Tooth speaker, a dramatic round bath (by the way – it’s a YES from us Josh & Elyse) – Bathroom Week on The Block 2017 had it all.

We love to watch The Block and can’t wait for Cabinetmakers Choice to debut!

But in the meantime, we’ve¬†been watching the ‘rookies’ and the ‘expert renovators’ with amusement and have came up with some handy hints for your Bathroom reno.

ūüõ†¬†Cabinetmakers Choice¬†‘take- always’ from Bathroom Week:

  1.  Watch where your power points go Рinside a drawer is not always practical. Remember, you can never have too many power points.
  2.  Add some Zen in your bathroom to make your morning ritual more enjoyable. Greenery is good.
  3. ‘Face – level’ storage is practical. A mirrored cabinet at eye level for easy to find make – up, hair bushes, straighteners etc. And, the trend is round.
  4. And, when it comes to storage, a 2-drawer vanity is probably not enough storage for a bathroom that size! You can NEVER have too much storage.
  5. Seems no Bath is stylish unless it has a Bath carrier.
  6. Skylights can be a feature as well as adding additional light to the room.
  7. When you spend $1,500 on a Gold Speaker, Ronnie & Georgia, don’t position it on the floor!

As Judge, Neil Whittaker says, Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses.

That makes your mad bathroom renovation worth the effort.

Cabinetmakers Choice sells everything you need for your DIY bathroom cabinetry.

Doors, board, benchtops, hinges, we have the lot and we have the ideas.

Happy Bathroom Renovating !

Images: Channel 9


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