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Who is Boris?

Posted by: In: Blog 01 Dec 2016 Comments: 0

‘Boris the Bus’ is the work of some very talented students at Geelong’s Christian College.

VCAL students at Christian College have been very busy. Undertaking the refurbishment of an old de-commissioned school bus as part of their curriculum, they have turned it into a community bus that will bring joy to many students in the Geelong region.

The main purpose of the bus is to provide a mobile hub for primary-aged students to interact with Christian College students as mentors.

Some of the relationship building activity ideas include sports, help with reading and homework, indoor and outdoor games, learning simple food preparation skills and listening to music.

The Christian College students have spent a lot of time with Tate Street Primary School students who have eagerly watched Boris take shape.

“It was actually one of the primary school students that came up with the name Boris,” explains Kerryn Fearnsides, VET/VCAL Coordinator. From there Kerryn expanded the acronym into “Building Ongoing Relationships In Schools”.

It is an incredible experience for the VCAL students and all who meet Boris are mesmerized and can’t wait to jump on board.

Keep a look out, you are sure to see driver Greg and Boris the bus around the streets of Geelong!



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