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Cabinetmakers Choice turns five

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Cabinetmakers Choice is the go to place for anything cabinetry related. This month, we celebrate five years in business.


Five years ago, Cabinetmakers Choice looked like this:


      3 staff, 54 trade clients, 2 utes + 1 trailer


Five years’ on and Cabinetmakers Choice looks like this:


      6 staff + support cabinetmakers, 300+ trade clients, Victoria wide, 1000’s of DIY clients, 2 utes,2 trucks + 1 trailer

Chris Adamko, Nigel Robinson and his wife Robynn worked tirelessly to set up the vision that is Cabinetmakers Choice. The idea to set up a business that would appeal to trade clients and DIY’ers alike. A one-stop shop for all things cabinetry.

Chris and Nigel have over 40 years of experience between them. A cabinetmaker by trade, Nigel is the road rep for the Cabinetmakers Choice spending days on the road visiting trade clients all over Victoria.

We’ve evolved over time and while our core product is still cabinetry board and hardware, we’ve become known as “Geelong’s Wardrobe Blokes”.

Bringing wardrobe design guru, Ross Sharrock on board, we began to specialise in custom made wardrobes. We now have thousands of wardrobes under our belt and have a Geelong wardrobe showroom.

Wardrobe designs are getting more and more glamourous. Shoe revolvers, shoe pantries, pull down ironing boards, glass topped bamboo cabinets, pull-down levers, jewellery drawers and secret compartments. It’s all for the ladies!

Being on The Block 2016 was of course a highlight for us. We still boast about it.

Our success means we can give back to the community and we really enjoy this part of business. Seeing the completed Christian College Student Project, Boris the Bus was a proud moment for us.

We attribute our success to hard work and having a passion for what we do.

We’re proud. We’re celebrating. All we need now is appropriately-iced cup cakes.

Happy Birthday, Cabinetmakers Choice. Here’s to the next five years.


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