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The Block. Elegant black cabinetry

Posted by: In: Blog, The Block 2017 28 Aug 2017 Comments: 0
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Sitting room. Media Room. Whiskey Room.  You either liked it or you didn’t.

Ronnie and Georgia couldn’t complete the winning hat trick on The Block with their ‘dream’ room.

Whilst the grand décor with touches of gold throughout is not to everyone’s taste, the judges did like the choice to paint the room a dark colour, as did we!

The dark cabinetry and shelving supplied by Cabinetmakers Choice oozes elegance and sophistication.

Ronnie & Georgia Media Room -Credit Channel 9

The cabinetry is actually Charcoal, not black.

Elegant black cabinetry is fast becoming a very popular choice and we are even finding wardrobes trending towards the darker shades. Remember Andy & Ben’s winning Guest bedroom Robes?

The TV hidden behind the mirror is a superb idea.

The fake fireplace, yes, it was missing the flame and heat and that did not earn our competitive couple any points from the judges this week.

A tough week for our installer, Adam Briers because believe us, it’s a Melbourne Winter with a delightful 6 degrees outside but about 40 degrees inside!

No win this week for our couple who have renovated 10 properties over 13 years, but a stunning room delivered nevertheless.

Maybe the judges were a bit harsh?

Looks cosy enough to us. We’d be happy to settle in with a scotch and dry.


Ronnie & Georgia’s Media Room Cabinetry Specifications:


COLOURpyne Charcoal by Gunnersen

Shaker Style Doors

25mm thick shelves

Hettich Runners


The Block winners this week were Hannah and Clint and whilst they delivered a nice sitting room, disappointingly, their cabinets were not custom made!


Images: Channel 9

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