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The Block 2017. Guest Bedroom Week. Pillow Styling.

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What do the Wardrobe Blokes know about pillow styling?   

Guest bedroom week on The Block was all about styling, more specifically pillow styling.

The perfectly styled pillows on this year’s Block hasn’t gone unnoticed by Shaynna Blaze and has us all heading out to purchase new pillows for our bed because you know, you can never have too many pillows.

The colour palettes used in the guest bedrooms is what blew us away.  More often than not, we install wardrobes into lovely homes but never get to see the room completed! (There’s a hint – if we install your custom-built wardrobes, send us a pic of the finished room -we’d appreciate it)

Sarah & Jason produced a “luscious room” using popular midnight blue, greys and soft pink.

Josh & Elyse went for a textured look and Sticks & Wombat chose the fluffy touch incorporating a grey fur throw.

Ronnie & Georgia #knockeditoutofthepark with their bold and decadent space and Josh & Elyse have taken their room up several notches with a colourful, textural room. Both teams tied for the win.

Pillows are the perfect way to bring layers, colours and texture to transform your bedroom. But what would we know?  We’re only the Wardrobe Blokes.

Then, there’s cushions. This week we found out the difference between a pillow and a cushion.  A cushion is used to sit or lean on such as those seen on a sofa, couch or chair. A pillow is used more for support, especially when sleeping. Now we know.

Style queen, Dea Jolly loves a well-made bed and she’s written a brilliant article on perfectly placing your pillows. So we’re going to hand you over to her.

Check out the well-written article for tips on the art of pillow arranging – stacked pillows, standing pillows, different shapes and messy, clean or three in a row pillow styling.

Same rules may apply to cushions too – you be the judge.


Click through to How to perfectly place your pillows.



Images:  Channel 9

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