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We design and install wardrobes in the Geelong region
Custom Built & Walk in Wardrobes
Pre-fab Wardrobes & Tallboys
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Custom-built & Walk in wardrobes

Wardrobes can be custom made to your specifications. Robes are available in a range of colours, materials and finishes.

Not limited to bedrooms, we can also help with study joinery, laundries, custom vanities, and living room built in joinery. Just ask!

Pre-fab Wardrobes & Tallboys

For the DIY handy man, we have a select range of wardrobes and tallboys / chests of drawers that are already made and ready for fast installation. 

However, if this is not for you, we do offer a wardrobe installation service for our pre-fab robes.

Geelong Wardrobe Showroom

Unsure of where to begin? We can help plan your wardrobe.

Let our team guide you through the entire process, from designing the layout to nailing down the perfect internal configurations.

We understand the importance of precision in every detail, discussing room size, wardrobe depth, and drawer options to ensure your vision comes to life flawlessly.

Why not start your new wardrobe journey by visiting our Geelong Wardrobe Showroom?

Experience firsthand the array of possibilities at our stunning Showroom, where our experts will provide personalised attention to meet your needs.

Please note, our Wardrobe Showroom operates by appointment only to ensure you receive our undivided attention.

Schedule your exclusive visit. Contact us on (03) 5244 3631