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Design a Custom Wardrobe

There’s nothing like a well organised wardrobe. Geelong Wardrobe Guru, Nigel Robinson explains.

A well thought out layout is paramount to ensure you’re making the most of the space available.

A custom built in wardrobe or walk in robe will ensure each bit of railing, shelving and drawers fits exactly to maximise storage space.

The internals of a wardrobe are integral and should always comprise of a mix of long-hanging and short-hanging rails, drawers, shelves, and space for shoes.

Each person’s needs are different so consider what your current wardrobe looks like and design accordingly.

If you are mad for winter coats or evening gowns then long-hanging is for you. Alternatively, if you are all about the blazer, ample short hanging makes sense.

It’s true, women seem to need more hanging space than men.

Drawers are handy for smaller items such as socks and underwear.  Make sure they are wide enough to fit folded items of clothing too.

Handy drawer inserts can divide ties, rolled belts and scarves.

Do you have a gorgeous piece of jewellery that you have forgotten you even had?  You’re in a hurry and can’t find that second earring or your necklace has an annoying knot in it – frustrating.

Velvet lined; glass topped jewellery drawers have become common in many wardrobe designs. Customers who have one of our jewellery drawers have confessed they now wear their jewellery more often because selection is easy.

For valuable items, you can outsmart burglars with a clever Digital Safety Drawer. The drawer opens through fingerprint and password recognition keeping your valuables safe.

Open adjustable shelving is practical and can be great for storing and displaying your handbag collection.

Ready to go out and your clothing is all crumpled? Why not incorporate an ironing board in your wardrobe design?  There’s a couple of options such as the ingenious ironing board which folds out of a drawer or the convenient pull-down ironing board.

Here are some design elements you could include in your wardrobe:

  • Velvet-lined, glass topped jewellery drawers
  • Garment levers for the vertically challenged
  • Dressing table
  • Practical tall boys
  • Rotating shoe rack
  • Wire baskets
  • Tie, scarf, and belt racks
  • Ironing board
  • Valet rods
  • Mirror
  • Strip lighting
  • USB chargers
  • Powerpoints
  • Bench seat

Many of these wardrobe elements are on display, by appointment only, at the Cabinetmakers Choice Wardrobe showroom at 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale. t: 5244 3631