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Joinery Supplies

Pop on in to Cabinetmakers Choice to explore our wide range of cabinetmaking accessories, from coatings and adhesives to essential tools – everything you need to bring your cabinetry projects to life. Visit us today to stock up on your supplies including:

  • Bostik adhesives, sealants and fillers.
  • Mirotone clear top coasts, solvents, polyesters and stains.
  • Pica Markers – your favourite marking tool
  • Thinga Me Jig, a precision scribing tool invented in Geelong
  • Carbitool Router Bits.
  • Nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, rods. 
  • Furniture crayons and repair solutions.
  • General cabinetry supplies such as the clever Multi Clean Universal Foam Cleaner.


Why not come in and walk our isles? We’re even more fun than Bunnings !